Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicinal practice which has been used in Asia for thousands of years.  Moxibustion can be used alone or with acupuncture to stimulate circulation, bring warmth, move Qi and blood flow to an area, strengthen the immune system, promote blood production and more.  Moxa is a dried plant called artemisia argyi, also known as mugwort, and comes in several forms.  Moxa therapy penetrates deeply into the body, warming and nourishing the tissues..  Moxa is important in the treatment of many issues including, fatigue, pain, certain musculo-skeletal injuries, scars, arthritis, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, neuropathy, anemia, turning breech presentation.  The herb does not touch the skin, is completely safe, and very comforting.   

Moxa is also a valuable part of the ‘Yang Sheng‘ tradition of strengthening and bolstering overall health and well-being. Moxa treatments carried out regularly, or at certain times of year, help to strengthen Qi and prevent disease. They are especially beneficial just before or during winter, or at times of great stress or heightened demand on the body and mind, and they become more and more useful one gets older.