Cultivate the woman you desire to express

We women are equipped with everything we need to nourish and connect to our feminine essence and reclaim the intelligence inside our body and bring out our radiance. Through these ancient cultivation practices you can learn techniques to harness your sexual/life force energy for your personal well-being so you can feel at home in your body.  As you journey into expanded sensations, an awakened state, it provides a spiritual doorway home if you choose to go there.  

As we release negative patterns and beliefs we reach through consciously cultivating the women we desire to express.  Most women have not been taught the ways of the feminine.  These Ancient Taoist women’s self-love practices are effective embodiment practices that bring you into the right space to open your sexual energy.  It is about turning what may be considered a shameful, dormant or misunderstood aspect of your life into a vital elixir, created from sexual essence as a source to be used for bliss and spiritual development.  Embody the Divine Feminine in your own unique and beautiful way. 

By slowing down we open the pathways to reveal the pleasure that is already there.  Awaken to our true nature, pleasure.  We have been powerfully shaped by our social conditioning, women feel diminished that our sexuality, our desires are wrong. That somehow the sex and spirit aspects need to be separated.  We are not able to awaken our true spiritual sexual ecstatic beings because we are not evolved fully into who we are meant to be. What would happen if we embraced that vulnerability in full the blending of the sexual and the spiritual?  It might just change our experience of being alive!

Through embodiment practices we find, we ignite the magic within, meet your inner enchantress,  tenderly develop a foundation for loving yourself, growing and feeling good on the inside-out. Experience open space inside so that your sexual energy awakens, restoring your innocence, your wild woman, your passion, creativity, the playful you, your true nature!

Solo Training 

Learn about your inner pharmacy and its transformative powers. Our sexual energy is the creative force of life alive in every one of us. Opening up this natural flow is freedom in the sensual, creative force and the way into a expanded state of being.  The solo practices are not only for the physical body, but connects us to the Divine. We use it to heal, re-sensitize and expand our conciousness. The sacred lover is within, this infinite stream is beyond your imagination. This unrestricted source of life have always been there ebbing and flowing like the tide. The egg practice is a tool to help you bring what is within into a waking state.  These Taoist practices offer a practical method to access and integrate the two most powerful healing forces in the world: real love and sexual energy. They can increase your pleasure and invigorate your body and soul.

Practice  benefits

Before practicing with your egg, it is essential to first clear the organs and body of blocked emotions and energy. Since sexual energy is multiplying energy, we want to transform the negative emotions to magnify, multiply and circulate the positive emotions or ‘virtues’ of each organ.

Practice Benefits:

  • Nourish your feminine essence and bring out your radiance.

  • Awaken your creative energy, passion and multi-orgasmic potential. 

  • Keeps the vagina and sexual organs healthy and supple.

  • Harmonize your emotions and heal your relationship to intimacy and sexuality.

  • Reduce PMS, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps and breast discomfort.

  • Balance your hormones and build pelvic floor strength.

  • Pulling up energy inside counter-acts gravity, Heals prolapse of the organs and sexual organs.

  • Women before and after menopause benefit. Stay healthy, supple, juicy as you get older.

  • Embody the Divine Feminine in your own unique and beautiful way. Appreciate your unique beauty from within.

  • Awakened vaginal tissues give you deep vaginal orgasms, from the G-spot, the A-spot the C-Spot. The egg allows us to stimulate the acupressure levels in the vagina.  Experiencing orgasms during intercourse can be a reality.

Women are sensual beings and it is a huge boost to a woman’s confidence to be able to express her innate sensuality and feminine magnetism without fear, shame and guilt. In the feminine, the innately luscious sensual, deeply creative, wildly alive feminine we are deeply desired and nourished.   We thrive in all realms from our inner wisdom of our sensual world. 

The ability to expand and move your sexual energy is what allows you to increase your pleasure and intensify your orgasms, no matter what your current level of sexual experience is. It also allows you to transform your sexual energy into “Qi”, or life force, which will give you a great deal more energy out of the bedroom as you live your life in the world. And when your Qi is strong and your intention is clear, your Qi is transformed into spiritual energy. The practice gives us the fun, beneficial experiences suffusing everyday aspects of our lives with beauty, magic, and surprise

After cultivating with the Jade egg women tell me they are once again juicy, lubricated, plump, elastic, with gained sensitivity. They have a positive shift in their self-confidence, body-image, sexual attraction, expressions of love, and embodied joy, awakened beyond their expectations. Getting their libidos back and their feminine elixirs flowing!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver