Like a network of rivers nourishing a landscape, the meridians are the channels through which “Qi” flows, to nourish and energize the human body. These channels exist within the subtle body return the body to a state of equilibrium and wellness.. Though they may have a correspondence to the physical nervous system, you won’t find the meridians per se on an operating table! Collectively, the meridians form the matrix within which the physical body functions. They also act as a network of communication between the physical and the more subtle energetic bodies. Combinations of acupuncture points reset physiology gone awry to invigorate the expulsion of harmful pathogenic agents causing symptoms.


A balanced body encourages balanced thinking.  An organic body that functions well results in intelligent evolution.  Yoga encourages a skillful means of developing balance, strength and depth.  A tool to learn more about the Self and the world.

Yoga therapeutics re-engages the body’s natural healing mechanism through the use of yoga asana (postures) and breath-work.  This comprehensive approach supports specific areas of the body to heal, as well as strengthening the body systemically so you can recover from injuries, surgery or a variety of stress-related disorders.  

Let the stillness draw you in…and inspire your life.

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